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What if my custom-fit mouthguard doesn’t fit comfortably when I receive it?

Firstly our TMS Impression System and accompanying instructions make it as easy as possible to produce a good impression. When we receive the impression we will also double check that the impression is suitable to use. If, after these safeguards, you are still not happy with the fit of your Mouthguard then please call us on 0844 504 6851 and we will suggest solutions suitable to your situation. Data sheets for putty material can be made available on request


Do I need to go to a dentist to get fit for my Custom-Fit Mouthguard?

No, our TMS Impression System allows you to produce an impression of your upper teeth in your own home without assistance. You can then simply return the impression to us in the Free Post mail bag provided with your order and we will do the rest.


Can I return my Mouthguard if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds or exchanges for returned Mouthguards (from our Custom-Fit or Stock ranges) unless we have provided an incorrect or faulty item. Please see our Returns Policy.


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