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Hockey is one of a handful of sports in which wearing a Gum Shield is not only recommended but also mandatory in many leagues. The main danger in Hockey is the sticks which are often swung at head height and can easily knock out teeth. When thinking about the ideal Mouthguard for Hockey we must consider the specifics of the sport-

 » Although the head isn’t an intentional target in Hockey, players are at risk of being struck in the face by sticks and may also be pushed to the ground.

 ·         » Hockey is a team game where communication is important

 Based on these points we would recommend a Mouthguard that offers great protection from stick impacts while being unobtrusive and allowing the wearer to easily communicate with teammates. Give one of these a try:




Offering the best of protection and being fit perfectly to the wearer’s mouth to cause minimum interference with speech, a full-contact custom Mouth Guard is highly recommended for Hockey players. Custom Gum Shields have the added benefit of being customisable as well.

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If for whatever reason a custom guard isn’t for you then the following Mouthguards are recommended by us for Hockey based on the criteria discussed above.

» SISU 2.4 Mouthguard £21.98

» Shock Doctor Gel Nano £20.98

» SISU 1.6 Mouthguard £16.98

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