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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a relatively new sport that is gaining a lot of momentum Worldwide. It combines elements of many martial arts and combat sports and is another sport where wearing a Mouthguard is compulsory in most competitions and most competitors wear a Mouthguard for most of their training as well. A Mouthguard is such an important piece of protective equipment in MMA as the head is an intentional target for fists, shins, elbows and knees.


Due to the high level of force and intention of head strikes in MMA and it being a solo sport, protection is prioritised over everything else, such as ability to talk. For this reason, the following Mouth guards are our most recommended MMA Mouthguards:



Due to the importance of the Mouthguard in MMA we would always recommend going custom-fit, and due to the level of force involved it would have to be one of our Full-Contact Custom Mouth Guards. These offer the most protection available while staying firmly in place during use. The added benefit of Custom Gum Shields from The Mouthguard Shop is that they can be designed in whatever way you like!

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While we do always recommend a custom Mouthguard for MMA we're aware this isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather a boil and bite gum shield then one of the following may be best for you;

» TapouT Dual-Colour Mouthguard £9.98

» TapouT Fang Mouthguard £16.98

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