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Custom-Fit or Boil and Bite?

There are two main categories of Gum Shield; Boil and Bite and Custom-Fit. At The Mouthguard Shop we sell both types so which should you chose? Below is an introduction to the 2 different types;

Boil and Bite
 Boil and Bite Mouthguards are the most popular type of Mouthguard with casual athletes, that is because they are usually between around £5-20 and can be fit to an individual instantly once purchased. We only sell the best, from exciting new brand SAFEJAWZ. They provide varying levels of protection and comfort but SAFEJAWZ are among the best in this category.

 A popular choice with serious athletes primarily as these guards are manufactured around a cast of the wearer’s teeth to ensure a perfect fit. This results in a comfortable and highly protective guard. The other benefit of these type of guards is that they can be designed to the wearer’s specifications, for example to have the wearer’s name across the front. Custom Mouthguards are more expensive than Boil and Bites at around £40-70. As custom Mouthguards are built specifically for a certain individual there is a delay between purchasing and receiving the Mouthguard.


Why should I wear a Mouthguard?

There are many benefits of wearing a Mouthguard. Firstly, they are a required piece of kit in many sports leagues. Secondly, the damage caused by dental injuries can be very traumatic and expensive to repair, while the cost of a Gum Shield can be as little as £2! There are also tertiary benefits including confidence boosting and some guards that can improve athletic performance.


Who should wear Mouthguards?

Anyone who takes part in any sport where;

- Contact is expected e.g. Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic Football, American Football

- Sticks are used e.g. Hockey, Lacrosse

- The head is an intentional target e.g. Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA.


Can Mouthguards improve my performance?

They sure can. There is a new family of Mouthguards based on the MORA (Mandibular Orthodontic Repositioning Appliance) that go far beyond dental protection and actually offer improved athletic performance through the way it positions the wearer’s jaw to reduce muscle stress. Mouthguards that include this technology include the Shock Doctor Ultra and The Under Armour Armourbite Mouthguard.

Research has confirmed a number of impressive claims regarding these Mouthguards including;

- Up to 12% improvement in reaction times

- Up to 20% increase in strength

- A reduction in Lactic Acid build up

- Decrease in stress hormone Cortisol during exercise


Can Mouthguards prevent concussion?

This issue has caused much debate, however manufacturers continue to agree that a Mouthguard that has cushioning on the back molars and thus causes separation in the Temporal Mandibular Joint (between the jaw and the skull) can reduce the risk of concussion from impacts to the jaw. If you have any further questions regarding this please contact us.