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Rugby Union and Rugby League are two of the sports where it is not only recommended that players wear a gum shield but it is also compulsory in most leagues. This is due to the physical nature of the sports. Both codes of Rugby involve high levels of contact and thus pose a large risk of dental injuries.

In terms of what Mouthguard options are best for a Rugby player we must consider what is required of a player in a game:

 » Players may receive direct impacts to the teeth.

 » Players may receive concussive forces to the head.

 » It is a team game therefore the ability to communicate effectively is important.

Based on these factors we would recommend the following gum shields:




Due to the level and predictability of impacts as well as the need to communicate the top choice would be a full-contact Custom-Fit Mouthguard. The material used in custom Mouthguards and the fact that they fit perfectly to the wearer’s teeth mean that they provide optimum protection whilst also staying in place while the mouth is open to make talking easier.

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If you would rather a boil-and-bite or other stock gum shield then the below guards come most recommended by us for Rugby. This is because of the support provided to the jaw that may reduce the risk of concussion, the high impact force absorbency and the solid fit that shouldn’t impair speech.

» MoGo Mint Flavoured Mouthguard £19.98

» Shock Doctor Gel Nano £20.98

» Shock Doctor Gel Max £13.98

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